Augusta Universalis (Original Game Soundtrack) by Sonor Village

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Augusta Universalis is a Uchronic Role Playing Game of Humanity and Empires beyond the Stars. Published by Acchiappasogni, written by Marzio Morganti and illustrated by Fabio Porfidia and Gaetano Carlucci, the Italian version of the project has achieved 300% success thanks to KICKSTARTER. It is now time to introduce the game to the rest of the world! The English KICKSTARTER will start on February 20th!

Augusta Universalis is based on the Dark Destiny RPG engine: a quick and mechanically playful system, focusing on the identification with the character and the playing setting, the description of their actions and the Narration.

Specifically for the purpose of enhancing your playing experience, an Original SoundTrack was composed by Sonor Village, too. This song is the Main Theme: just a little taste of what the Augusta Universalis’s OST is all about!

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