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Hi Backers and visitors! If you joined Darkmoor’s Kickstarter, we need to know what name do you want us to write in the PDF book to thank you for your support! Please, take some time to see if there’s something you may want to add to your pledge, then click the Tell us your Name form (link below). You can also choose to only add a Nickname if you prefer!

In this page you can preorder Darkmoor RPG and its Add-ons from our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! If you already pledged, choose one or more Add-ons and checkout. This is the perfect time to see if you missed something cool during the Kickstarter campaign. If you do so, there’s no real need to compile the Tell us your Name form, since you’ll be able to add all the informations needed in the Order Checkour page.

You can preorder Darkmoor from here too: it is already available in Italian, so if you need the Italian version please buy Darkmoor from the main Shop. But the Black Book Deck and many other goodies such as the Exclusive Maximus II skins are not ready yet! You can buy the Add-on now.

If you need the English version, preorder it from these pages, choose any Add-on you may like and check-out!

Remember that only by preordering now you’ll receive all of the backers-only goodies available in Darkmoor’s Kickstarter campaign, such as the 8 pages Setting Module by Paul “Wiggy” Wade Williams! Your name will also be added as a thank you in Darkmoor’s PDF version.

Click here to Tell us your Name!

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