In every era of great change for the human species, makes an appearance the People, that brings Agon, the mysterious event that decides the fate of mankind. Now, in the cauldron of blood of World War II is June 1942: Axis has now finished its momentum of destruction, but the Allies are struggling to take the road of vengeance final, while the few countries remained neutral try to take every advantage of unstable that came to be created.

This bubble of indecision is broken when the skies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a starship is detected by navies and by the staffs around the globe: is the Lancia Silver del Popolo and brings with it the glory of victory.


From kind words to the alien Patrons sent to all great leaders of the nations of the world, the People opens again the chains of the Tournament of Martial Arts world's oldest: Dawn. Only one sample per Country, one Arena, one judge to determine the greatest fighter of the Earth and give his people the strength to the final triumph!

Agon WWII is an original RPG by Marzio Morganti, powered by Musha Shugyo RPG, which exploits the fighting engine. But Agon also adds new mechanical interpretative, necessary for the proper functioning of an RPG where combat is present and central, but not the real focus of the game. In Agon, the characters will live each his own living space dedicated. The spotlight will turn on their lives, their relationships, their beliefs. Uncovering lights and shadows of their soul and strongly influencing the outcome of the fight, in a style of role-playing in which each character is really the protagonist of the story.

Illustrations by David Quaroni, Matthew Spirit, Daniele Orlandini, Roman Roland Kuteynikov. Cover by Daniele Orlandini.

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