Boss NPC Generator

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This app is a Boss PNG generator! It’s a great tool to help you generate any kind of very important PNG, it’s not meant to generate ordinary PNGs. To create a new PNG, just load the app at this link, compile everything as needed and then click the Save button. An high resolution jpg file […]


Darkmoor RPG Character Generator

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Can’t wait to try Darkmoor RPG? No problem, we created an online tool that will help you generate your Characters! You can give it a try at this link. Since some elements of the Character Sheet will change during your adventures as you gain Experience Points, we changed the text color of those elements to […]


New Adventures Generator online

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This is the new online Adventures Generator for Darkmoor RPG, created by Daniele Fusetto, one of the most active fans of Musha Shugyo RPG and now betatester of Darkmoor RPG. It’s only available in Italian for now, but will be translated as soon as possible! This application, created with Polygen, is the digital version of […]