From this page you’ll download lots of great contents ready to be used in game! We’ll add new items as soon as they’ll be ready. Also remember to visit our Gaming Aids page to discover all of the Darkmoor Apps, like the Adventure, Character, Equip Cards, Boss NPC and Expert NPCs generators!

Prebuilt Characters

Darkmoor RPG Character Sheets download

Download all of the Characters included in the game. In this files, you’ll find 10 prebuilt Characters + empty Characters, NPCs and Equip Cards sheets, a technical paper resuming all the rules of the game and a preview of upcoming titles based on Musha Shugyo’s core rules.

File Versions Download

Darkmoor’s Character Sheets are text-centric, there’s always room for errors or typos. Also, we’re improving our online Character Generator so that readability gets better. Right now text is too small, we’re working on it. While we’ll post regular updates everytime we improve something, please consider consider downloading Darkmoor in PDF format from Drivetrhurpg! That’s a great way to be sure you always have the latest versions of all of Darkmoor contents!

If you have any suggestion, correction or just want to show us your creations, please contact us using our Facebook page or the Contact form in the Support page!